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Hi! I'm Hailey, a fashion and outdoor enthusiast living in Toronto, Canada.


I am always drinking water as I truly believe in the endless health benefits of proper hydration. Due to my fast-paced and active lifestyle, I knew there must be a better way to stay hydrated while on the go.


As a lover of the outdoors, I have made it my personal mission to reduce the number of plastic water bottles used. Over the years, I have recognized the amount of waste created by these single-use plastic bottles and decided there must be a better, more thoughtful approach to getting a healthy amount of H2O every day. One that is easily transportable without compromising my personal style. Isn't that the reason to carry a handbag in the first place? Well it only takes a little bit of water in the bottom of your handbag one time, to instil a constant fear of your everyday essentials drowning!

For these reasons, I decided to create a solution that I love and believe every woman would want. 


It all started as a mission to make a difference in women's health and the environment by finding a simpler solution to carry water. 


Where better to look for inspiration than Ancient Greece, when a traditional water-carrying vessel was made of pottery and metal, a hydria.

With a goal to reinvent the hydria for the modern day, stylish woman - HYDRIAH was born. We designed a compact and chic handbag that fits all the essentials including a water bottle, helping and empowering women to live healthy so they can kick-ass everyday in style!

#HydrateBeautifully with HYDRIAH!

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